About Us

Who We Are

With extremely heavy hearts we are making the announcement that we have decided that we will no longer be breeding these beautiful and sweet animals. Life has a way of taking you down different roads and we feel this is the ultimate best decision for ourselves and our kitties. Therefore, we will be offering all of our kitties into new homes. We have spent years to have the high quality of cats that we do and we would greatly prefer they find homes where they will continue to improve the hairless breeds

Best Sphynx Home is  a TICA & CFA registered cattery.  Tremendous time, effort, care, expense and dedication is taken in the selection of Royal  Sphynx  Kings and Queens. Our breeders are selectively chosen from pedigrees with strong genetic lines of domestic and international Grand Champion bloodlines. Our focus is always on the health and happiness of our sphynx , bambinos’s and elf cats. Our naked babies are such sweet tempered creatures, we aim to produce healthy, happy  kittens with amazing temperaments to extend our family, enjoy their growth, exhibit them and share them with other families.


Producing Healthy kittens is of our highest priority, SKYPNX  CATS HOME  is a HCM scanning cattery. You will be making a significant emotional and financial investment, we want to make sure that you receive the healthiest kitten possible. All of our breeders are scanned to safeguard that our kittens will have healthy hearts. No breeder is immune from health issues and HCM.

 But it is important to evaluate what the breeder does to minimize health issues and how the breeder handles issues should they arise.  These practices are what seperates a responsible breeder from the rest.Whether you are here for curiosity, looking for a Show or Breeding queen/king, or considering adopting a baby as your new lifetime friend, we are glad you are here-and yes we mean it. We are here to help and here to stay. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!  We love talking to people who share our passion of the naked feline.